Day one

First we arrived at our host families and talked to them for a bit. We unpacked all of our stuff and got ourselves ready for the first day of school where we had a „welcome meeting“. When we got there we were given a bag and a shirt with the school’s logo on it. After that we walked around the city’s mall where we could buy whatever we wanted. When we got back to our host families all of us had dinner and wrote into our diary that we got for this trip.

Day two

Today we had a tour through Malta where we saw many pretty buildings. We also found out a lot more about the history of Malta, especially during WW2. At our second stop we had some free time to spend in a gorgeous fishing village where we could walk around and get a better feeling of the culture. Then some of us went on a boat trip to the “Blue Grotto” which was a unique experience. After our trip we had a free evening to relax and recover from our sightseeing trip.