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11. April 2014

London – more pics

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Yesterday we were at Stamford Bridge in the Chelsea stadium. We had a stadium tour with a tour guide named Elvis.


The school is great and the teachers are nice. The language course is interesting.










It’s Jakob’s birthday! Hurray!!!      (teachers‘ comment)

A wonderful, adventurous week is (nearly) over – we are on our way home!


HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYBODY!!!   (especially to Kristine, Markus & Vallentin)

Teachers: Over & Out 😉


10. April 2014

London VII

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Yesterday, it was sunny and we went to Covent Garden. There we saw great Street-Dancers and some Street-Artists and wizards who could float. There we could buy some things like souvenirs and other things. After Covent Garden we went to the China Town of London. We saw many crazy things that we could buy.

Greetings to Austria!!






9. April 2014

London VI-II

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Hello from London!!!

The weather is nice and we’re having a really good time. Yesterday we went on a boat trip on the river Thamse and it was freezing cold. There were many different people in the tube station like buskers, punks and people dressed like actors from the movie „Transformers“. Yesterday a girl from 4a wasn’t able to get into the tube to Ealing Broadway, but the teachers told us what to do in that case and so she caught the next train and arrived safely three minutes later.

See you later alligator!

London VI

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Hello guys!!

Today at school we heard about Jack the Ripper and crimes in London. Yesterday we talked about famous people like the Spice Girls, Macaulay Culkin (Kevin alone at home) and Kristen Stewart. The lessons are very funny and the teachers are very crazy. In the afternoon we will visit Covent Garden and China Town. The host families are very nice and the food is very tasty.

See you later :3 😀 8)

London V_ more pics

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Spot the teacher!








Mr. Fridge! Too cool for school!









On the road again…

I spy with my little eyes…


8. April 2014

London V_teacher’s comment

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Special greetings to the 5B!

Your form teacher had fun at Mdme Tussauds and scary moments, too (in the Chambers of Horror;)









A picture for all OneDirection fans 😉

Hope you are all well and well-behaved 😉

Your teacher LC


London V

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Yesterday , at 7 : 30 a.m. we got up and had breakfast with our kind hostparents. Some British toast and cereals! 😉 After that , we went to school and did some funny activities to improve our English. Secondly we went to Oxford Street and bought nice clothes , souvenirs and delicious food. We directly went to Madame Tussauds where one student got lost , but nobody realised that. Luckily , a nice German group led her back to our group. It was so great to take pictures with famous people like Rihannah, Tiger Woods and Shrek ;-).


Nice greetings from Ealing, London.












7. April 2014

London IV

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Nice greetings from London! 🙂

In our language teaching school we do many activities, we have already played some games and we talked about our hobbies and other things.

The teachers are friendly, Faiza is very funny and when we do things right, we get applause from her. (;

Bruce, our second teacher, talks very fast and he cannot remember our names, only with a little help.









At work…

London IV

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Today the first school lessons started!

Until now it was quite funny, because our teacher Niki always moves around like a ninja. 😉 We talked ab0ut land marks and the culture of London. In the break we often go to the “Student Lounge“, where we can meet new people from other countries like Thailand.

We are looking forward to Madame Tussauds in the afternoon. We are sure that it’s going to be a great adventure! Maybe you will see a few photos of our classes tomorrow at the blog! 😀Work in progress


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