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9. November 2016

Tag des Gymnasiums 2016

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Der Sprachenzweig des Gymnasiums Hartberg, vertreten durch die 6A Klasse, präsentiert ihre Idee, wie aus Sprachverwirrung harmonisches Miteinander entsteht.

– Latein – Französisch – Italienisch – Spanisch – Englisch –



27. April 2016

Improvisations Workshop am 7.3.2016

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Das Duo Bartholomey/ Bittman war am 7.3. 2016 zu Gast an unserer Schule.

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Video von Mag. Jutta Scherübel

19. März 2016

“Frankenstein – The monster and the myth“

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On Monday, the seventh of March 2016, my class and I watched the play “Frankenstein – The monster and the myth“ at the theatre in Graz. The original story of Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley.

The play tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, who is a scientist from Switzerland. His goal is to create life or to revive dead people. To do this, he owns a machine which produces electricity, but with that he has lots of failed attempts. But one day, he has a brilliant idea. He wants to create a creature of pieces from dead bodies and was successful. Quickly, he realised, that he didn’t create a human, rather a monster, which kills people. That’s the birth of Frankenstein’s monster.

On the whole, the play was really enjoyable. I have never watched any Frankenstein films before, because I thought they were boring, but the play pleasantly surprised me. You could see that the actors had much fun in their roles and that made a positive impression on me. The play was performed in English, except for one or two single words, I could understand all words very easily. There are not very many negative points, but I think at a few times, the lights were too bright or the actors spoke a little bit too quiet.

Lastly, I want to say that the play was very exciting and I can only recommend it. It’s a play for everyone, except for children or babies.

Lukas Trausmüller, 6c

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Review about the DÖW exhibition in Graz

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Last Monday we attended an exhibition in the “Graz Museum“ about art of the Second World War. The exhibition was about drawings by artists that lived in the Second World War, which showed how the everyday life of the prisoners in concentration camps looked like.

Many artists were prisoners or refugees themselves so their art was about how they saw the Nazis and how they dealt with the people in the concentration camps. Mostly, of course, the drawings showed very sad scenarios in which people got hurt or where dead bodies were transported away.

A really nice lady, which leaded us through the exhibition, told us many facts about the artists themselves and especially about the DÖW which is an archive in Vienna where most of these pieces of art about Second World War and especially about the Holocaust are preserved.

As part of the guided tour we had to do a group work in which we had to pick a favourite drawing and tell the others about it, what is shown in it and also a bit about the artist.

All in all, it was a very interesting exhibition, particularly because it focused on the life of the prisoners in concentration camps.
I would totally recommend it to people who are interested in the Second Word War and it is definitely worth a visit.

Jennifer Hofer, 6c

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3. November 2015

Radiobeitrag 4a – Antenne Steiermark

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Radioaufnahmer der 4A beim Besuch von Antenne Steiermark.


antenne 3

28. September 2015

Benefizlauf – Video

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Zum Benefizlauf am 10.4.2015 im Rahmen der 50-Jahr-Feier hat Markus Münich seine Eindrücke in einem Video zusammengefasst…

Bericht über den Benefizlauf >>

2. Juni 2015

Sur le pont d’Avignon

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Sur le pont d’Avignon
Die 4b-Klasse hat in diesem Jahr 4 Französischstunden pro Woche in denen
auch gesungen wird. Die Schülerinnen hatten im 1.Semester die Aufgabe
ein Lied, das sie aus dem Unterricht kannten, eigenständig umzusetzen.
D.h. die Schülerinnen konnten auch die Melodie verändern, Textpassagen
austauschen etc und ihr eigenes Lied daraus machen. Zuerst wollten wir
es öffentlich präsentieren, was im Endeffekt aus terminlichen Gründen
nicht möglich war. Also möchten wir hier zeigen, was daraus geworden
ist,…. alors voila.


11. April 2014

London – more pics

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Yesterday we were at Stamford Bridge in the Chelsea stadium. We had a stadium tour with a tour guide named Elvis.


The school is great and the teachers are nice. The language course is interesting.










It’s Jakob’s birthday! Hurray!!!      (teachers‘ comment)

A wonderful, adventurous week is (nearly) over – we are on our way home!


HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYBODY!!!   (especially to Kristine, Markus & Vallentin)

Teachers: Over & Out 😉


10. April 2014

London VII

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Yesterday, it was sunny and we went to Covent Garden. There we saw great Street-Dancers and some Street-Artists and wizards who could float. There we could buy some things like souvenirs and other things. After Covent Garden we went to the China Town of London. We saw many crazy things that we could buy.

Greetings to Austria!!






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